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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Savannah Cat?
A:  A Savannah is a new breed that was created by breeding a Serval to a domestic cat. Savannahs are also referred to as Serval hybrids. The purpose of the breed is to provide people with a large cat that looks like a Serval in body composition and coat pattern, but acts like a domestic cat and requires no permit to own

Q:  Why are Savannah Cats so expensive?
A: Savannahs are a very difficult cat to breed. It takes several years and a lot of money to purchase and raise a Serval with several queens. Out of these queens few will go on to produce litters. Savannahs are very rare thus they are priced according to their rarity.

Q:  What is a typical price to pay?
  The Savannah cat is still in the development stages and is generally not produced by breeding Savannah cats to Savannah cats.  Although we have had some beautiful Savannah to Savannah kittens.   It is also hard to find an F1 female because breeders will often keep the kitten for their savannah breeding program.  The male F1 is sterile and is of no value to a breeder for producing Savannahs, but there are so few of them that their price is in the HIGH thousands.
When you get to the middle F-generations the price levels off to about $3,500 for a breeding female.   A male pet can still run up to $2,000.
If you are lucky enough to get a fertile F5 male the price jumps up a little. The female price stays about the same as the middle ones.   The guaranteed fertile F5 male can go up to $4,500 and for a perfect show quality F5 male he can get up to the price of an F1 Male.

Q: How big will my Savannah Cat get?
An F1 Savannah Cat can weigh anywhere from 15 to 30 lbs. Each generation will decrease slightly in size until the third and fourth generation where the size stabilizes. They should still have the long body and long legs making them appear larger than they really are if properly bred. Ultimately, the size of the later generation savannahs will depend on the outcrosses used in each generation. Savannahs are slow to mature, usually taking 3 full years to reach full size.

Q:  Can my Savannah Cat eat regular cat food?
A: While your Savannah may enjoy normal cat food, we find most store bought cat foods are deficient in many of the nutrients that a high percentage hybrid cat needs.  We recommend
ZuPreemĀ® Feline Diet for your Savannah Cat.

Q:  What does the F stand for when talking about Savannah Cats?
The F stands for filial generation meaning it is the sequence of generations following the hybridization of a Serval crossed with a domestic cat. The number represents how many generations away from the Serval it is.

Q:  Is a Hybrid cat illegal to own?
The F1 Savannah cat is legal in almost all states and requires no special permits.   Savannahs from F1 on down are legal in most states as a pet cat or kitten and no permit is needed. Servals however are restricted. Although in most states people can have Servals as pets but you need to check locally if a permit is required. I do know of some counties within states that have restrictive laws and yearly requirements.

Q:  Does the purchase price pay for the spay or neuter of a pet Savannah?
A:   All kittens sold as pets at MDC Cattery are altered before they leave our cattery. The Surgery costs are included with the price of the kitten, there are no additional fees other than shipping

Q:  Can you ship Savannah Cats? if so what is the cost?
A:   Shipping prices vary depending on where you are. We will advise you of the charge once you let us know what airport you would like the cat flown into. Your price includes an airline kennel and a crate bed so your cat will ride in comfort. We have never had any problems shipping a pet. Normally shipping ranges between $200 - $250 on Delta Air Cargo.

Q:  Is there a fee to reserve a kitten?  how much is the deposit?
A:   To reserve a Savannah kitten a $500.00 deposit is required.  This down payment is non-refundable if you change your mind your deposit can be transferred to another cat.